Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications 

Zhelyazkova, A., Bølstad, J. and Meijers, M. J. (forthcoming) “Introduction: EU Responsiveness Research at the Crossroads”. Journal of European Public Policy. Online soon. 

Meijers M. J., Schneider, C.J. and Zhelyazkova, A. (forthcoming) “Dimensions of EU Input Responsiveness: Actors, Publics, Venues”. Journal of European Public Policy. Online soon. 

Meijers, M.J. & van der Veer, H. (2019) “Issue Competition without Electoral Incentives? A Study of Issue Emphasis in the European Parliament”. The Journal of Politics. Link.

Meijers, M.J. & van der Veer, H. (2019) “MEP Responses to Democratic Backsliding EU Member-States. An Analysis of Parliamentary Questions and Motions on Hungary, Romania and Poland”. JCMS: Journal for Common Market Studies. 57(4), 838-856: Link.

Meijers, M.J. (2017) “Contagious Euroscepticism? The Impact of the Eurosceptic Challenger Support on Mainstream Party Positions on European integration, Party Politics, 23(4), 413-423. Link.

Meijers, M., & Rauh, C. (2016). Has Eurosceptic mobilization become more contagious? Comparing the 2009 and 2014 EP Election campaigns in The Netherlands and France. Politics and Governance, 4(1), 83-103. Link.

Book Chapters

Meijers, M. J. (2018). Der Einfluss von Wahlerfolgen euroskeptischer Parteien. In Anders, L. H., Scheller, H., & Tuntschew, T. (Eds), Parteien und die Politisierung der Europäischen Union (pp. 131-160). Springer VS, Wiesbaden. Link.

Monographs, Reports and Working Papers

Meijers, M.J. (2017), “Radical Right and Radical Left Euroscepticism. A Dynamic Phenomenon”, Notre Europe Policy Paper, April 9, 2017, No. 191, Jacques Delors Institute Berlin. Link.

Meijers, M.J. (2017), Is Euroscepticism Contagious? Examining the Impact of Eurosceptic Challenger Parties on Mainstream Party Attitudes toward the European Union, Doctoral dissertation, Berlin: Hertie School of Governance, 280 pages.

Meijers, M. (2013), “The Euro-crisis as a catalyst of the Europeanization of public spheres? A cross-temporal study of the Netherlands and Germany”, LSE Europe In Question Series (LEQS), Paper No. 62, June 2013. Link.

Manuscripts under Review

Meijers, M. J. & Williams, C.J. “When Shifting Backfires: The Electoral Consequences of Responding to Niche Party Positions”

Leininger, A. & Meijers, M.J. “Do Populist Parties Increase Voter Turnout? Evidence from over 40 Years of Electoral History in 31 European Democracies”

Ellenbroek, V., Meijers, M.J. & Krouwel, A., “Increasing Representativeness with the Assembly Ballot Evidence from a Survey Experiment in the Netherlands”.

Work in Progress

Meijers, M.J. & Zaslove, A., “Populism and Political Parties Expert Survey (POPPA).” Data Collection Completed. Paper Presentation in Populism Conference Birmingham January 2018.

Wieringa, R. & Meijers, M.J. “New Kids on the Ballot. Exploring the determinants of new party success”

Meijers, M.J. Contagious Euroscepticism: The Impact of Eurosceptic Challenger Parties on Mainstream Party Attitudes toward European Integration. Monograph.

Ivaldi, G. & Meijers, M.J. “Crisis Induced Discontent: Radical Left and Radical Right Voting in the French 2017 Presidential Elections”

Meijers, M.J. & Zhelyazkova, A. “Do EU Positions Shifts of Governing Parties Affect Member-State Compliance with EU Directives and Regulations”. Presented at ACCESS Europe, October 14, 2017.

Opinion Pieces and Blogs

Meijers, M.J. & van der Veer, H. (2017), “Hungary’s government is increasingly autocratic. What is the European Parliament doing about it?”. Washington Post: Monkey Cage (online: May 3). Link.

Meijers, M.J. & van der Veer, H. (2017), “Zwijgt de Europese Volkspartij het ‘probleem Orban’ dood?”. (online: April 4). Link.

Meijers, M.J. (2016), “Is Euroscepsis aanstekelijk?”. (online: October 10). Link.